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Privacy Policy

eSYNTAX complies with the applicable laws and regulations protecting the privacy of your personal data in the jurisdictions in which eSYNTAX operates.

Collection and Use of Information

eSYNTAX, through this Privacy Policy, hereby certify your right to keep in absolute confidentiality the data you provided to us in order to interact with our web site. eSYNTAX may collect personally identifiable information when you visit or use our pages. This information may be used to fulfill your requests for certain services and information, to contact you, and send information about new services.

Sharing and Disclosing Information

eSYNTAX shall not sell, rent or provide your personally identifiable information to anyone. By providing such information to eSYNTAX, you agree that such data is shared with our representatives, providers and intermediaries for the purposes set forth above. Likewise, you agree that this information may be disclosed when we respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process.


eSYNTAX reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy for any reason whatsoever, for example changes in legislation or business practices. In such event, such amendments shall be published in this section.


eSYNTAX uses temporary session cookies that are stored on your device to track your interaction with the website in the current session. These cookies are used to improve your experience in our website and its functionalities. These cookies are only stored as long as the browser session is open and are cleared from device once the session is ended.

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